Soulful Release by Tay Kewei



By Samantha Lee and images by Yasu Goh Photography

“Turn Back & Smile” is local songstress, Tay Kewei’s, latest album. The 31-year-old is no stranger to the local music scene, having participated in singing competition “Project Superstar” (2006) – only to withdraw due to scheduling conflicts. Since then, Kewei has went on to pursue her musical career and teamed up with some of Mandopop’s biggest stars, such as Wang Lee Hom, A-mei and David Tao, on their international tours.


After two years in the making, Kewei finally realised her dream of releasing her first original mandarin album. In which, nine out of ten songs are written by Kewei herself. Among the many that came to support her album’s release, was MV co-star – Allen Chen. To Kewei, Allen is a (at times overly) dedicated actor and was really focused in his role during shooting of the MV. In one of the fighting scenes, Allen was “too fierce” and it felt so real that she was afraid to look at him. Kewei felt that she had “levelled-up” in this collaboration because of Allen.

Many of the songs in the new album are inspired by Kewei’s heartache experience and her views on life and affairs of the heart. “Hopeless” is a presentation of the weird persistence of love; the sweet torture of loving someone not meant for you. It was composed in recollection of a down period that she experienced in Vietnam.

15th September 2014 will be the official date of release of the album. Be sure to grab your copy in stores.