5 Traits of a Finance Student

Our schooling days has us meeting all sorts of students from different faculties. Over the course of time, we begin to form a certain impression of certain ‘types’ of student and they are usually in relation to their major. We have come up with some student profiles, do these characteristics remind you of an overly zealous go-getter?

The Finance Major

Your aim in life is to be rich, like really rich. You’ll take whichever route that will get you there the fastest. Your time is spent studying the stock market and following 1MDB.

  1. The prospect of driving a supercar, dining at high class restaurants and buying all the branded goods you want are what keeps you going every day.
  2. Your favourite movies are The Wolf of Wall Street, Limitless, The Big Short and Boiler Room.
  3. You want to make your first million before 30.
  4. Upon graduation, it’s straight to the bank to land a job. You’re already prepared – your wardrobe is full of suits.
  5. Your face when liberal arts and humanities student speak about the evils of capitalism: