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by Prabhu Silvam

When not serving as a Rorschach test of internationally acclaimed achievements, America is an inexhaustible muse. Constantly treading new grounds as the social and economic driving force of the world, America also pays homage to another acquirement it prides itself in: setting world standards for higher education.

Nowhere else will you find the artful blend of a thousand different cultures weaving itself onto the cosmopolitan vibe of a society at the forefront of cutting-edge technology and research. Combined with the status quo as a leading finance, business and research hub, an education in America offers you definitive means to kick-start your career anywhere in the world.


With a Major in Education, you’re on your way to sculpting great minds of tomorrow. In a knowledge-driven society, the role of an educator is multi-faceted and immeasurable – teasing a demand for elementary, middle and high school teachers around the globe. Widely sought after specialisations include Child Psychology and Development, Philosophy of Education and Curriculum Development. Here, prospective teachers are put through their paces during a 6-7 month probationary teaching phase where they are evaluated on a day-to-day basis which assists in a more constructive development. A BA in Education also lays the groundwork for students wishing to pursue a professorship in a designated field of study. The extensive coursework research paired with the ruggedness of hands-on practical work in a typical BA in Education empowers future educators with the ability to motivate and enliven the learning mind within the classroom walls and outside of it.

Biology + Biological Sciences

A Bachelor in Biology + Biological Sciences will help you command the attention of mega-corporations like Shell Industries, ExxonMobil and Texas Instruments, to name a few. The constant depletion of vital resources has placed a larger impetus over the areas of study with regards to renewable sources of energy – providing students with a kaleidoscope of opportunities in fields like Nanotechnology, Pharmaceutical Engineering and Human Genome Research upon graduation. A typical BA in Biology will see you through 2 years of General Education in areas like Embryonic Development, Biostatistics and Immunology, accompanied by 2 years of largely enriching lab work stints with top research labs in the country. 90% of students secure job places in top notch American Environmental and Healthcare industries even before graduation – an added benefit of pursuing a degree in America. A BA in Biology equips you with skill sets necessary in bringing about tectonic shifts in global behaviour, for a better tomorrow.


Computer + Information Sciences

Technology serves as the economic lifeblood of modern day civilisation. A BA in Computer Information Sciences will place you in the driver’s seat behind the driving force of the world’s economy. Computer Science Majors can choose to specialise in areas like Computer Architecture, Data Management and Artificial Intelligence where they are constantly immersed in the boiling pot of latest technological advancements. Graduates move on to join companies like Apple and Hewlett Packard in a multitude of professions as Programmers, Network Managers and Computer Hardware Technicians. A mandatory requirement in the 4 year BA in Computer Information is a minor in an Arts and Social Sciences field, providing a well-rounded approach. Thrust at the forefront of the world’s most technologically advanced nation, Computer Science Majors in America stand to gain the technological edge over their regional and international counterparts.



Communication Studies

Intuitive individuals amassed with an alluring mix of socio-economical knowledge paired with an inquisitive nature to question, analyse and interpret is what Communication Studies Majors can hope to evolve into. Students have an option of a 2 or 4 year information rich curriculum that will see them journey through topics like Media Aesthetics, Media Law and Visual Literacy. After the first year of General Studies in Communication Methods, students then spearhead into specialised preferences in accord to their own interests. Here, students will be exposed to a caricature of media facets like Broadcast Journalism and Film Studies – providing an element of “real world” significance to the degree. Mandatory internships lasting between 6 -12 months with media enterprises add a multi-pronged approach towards the major. With a constant advent of Media networks shaping the face of the world, Communication Studies Majors are well prepared for the next stage in media evolution.



Whether it is the journey or destination that intrigues you, an education in America is a multi-sensory platform of cultures, beliefs and an alternatively enriching way of life that goes beyond the trivialities of books and intricacies of campus life. Students not only have an advantage to be plugged into a well-established education system that promotes unrivalled excellence, but also the opportunity of a lofty job prospect with some of the largest and most influential corporations in the world.

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Columbia College Chicago
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