Abandoned Subway?

Urban explorers would have a field day in Chongqing – especially at this local metro station that seems to be located in the middle of nowhere (think: abandoned). However, it’s very much still in use.

Caojiawan Station is situated along Chongqing Metro’s Line 6, and was finished back in 2015. There were originally 3 exits for the station but currently only one of it is in use (if at all). That exit leads passengers to a barren wasteland and doesn’t connect users to any major roads (a van service is the only way out of the area).

Creepy, to say the least.


The other exits two might as well be abandoned, since they’re overgrown with shrubbery and weeds. And are situated in the middle of nowhere. Whoever planned this exit was probably waiting for a new mega city to develop.

A case of bad urban planning, or a case of gotta-spend-the-money? You decide. In the meantime, here’s another forlorn exit – this one has a lift – you know, in case you’ve got a baby pram or rolling suitcases. Except once you’ve exited the lift, there would literally be nowhere to go.

Still, despite the rather stark contrast between modernity and barren wasteland, the metro station underground is pretty decent and wouldn’t be out of place at any metropolis. It’s even got a security checkpoint.

However, much like what’s aboveground, the station might as well be abandoned since not many passengers use this stop. This is what it’s like during rush hour:

Abandoned buildings – and even entire cities – in China aren’t exactly rare, so in a way, this station in the middle of nowhere shouldn’t surprise us.