Affordable Art Fair – Spring Edition


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by Tracey Toh

The Affordable Art Fair (AAF) returned this month with its Spring edition, featuring a range of contemporary works aimed at improving the accessibility and affordability of art, and this was held at the F1 Pit Building.

With over 74 exhibiting galleries, the diversity of works available was exceptional. Beautifully rendered paintings of bleak, frigid landscapes by German artist Leszek Skurski were displayed alongside whimsical, playful sculptures of Kunihiko Nohara and Misako Maegaki. The art on offer was eclectic to say the least, incorporating various styles and mediums – from the abstract to the representational, assemblages to litograhpy.

The use of mixed media was especially prominent among younger artists, who employ materials like gold foil, aluminium and plexiglas to create fresh works. The self-portraits of London-based artist Sophie Derrick were especially alluring, as she blended photography and painting to produce tactile images with stunning colour palettes.

Ngee Ann Polytechnic also showcased the DoodleBot in a live demonstration of its motion capability. A crowd of curious onlookers gathered to witness the brisk, efficient movements of the mechanical arm as it emulated the pop art of Burton Morris. The merging of art and automation complemented the vibrant, youthful vibe of the entire fair, serving as a prime example of how the AAF is constantly breaking barriers.