All Aboard! Train Still Full of Steam!

Train Wows Singapore Yet Again






By Rahimah Rashith; photos by Aloysius Lim, LAMC Productions

Two thousand fans buzzed with anticipation at Marina Bay Sands’ Grand Theatre, waiting for Train to set the wheels in motion. A large ‘California 37’ banner floated around in the backdrop, with a massive drum set taking center stage. A few minutes later, Train blew its horn and the band hit the platform. The show commenced as screaming members of the audience climbed aboard, breezing through every single track.

Wasting no time, the band opened with California 37’s title track. ‘California 37’ did take some fans right to “heaven’s doors” as lead singer Patrick Monahan (affectionately known as Pat) started throwing out guitar picks and Train t-shirts into a sea of fans.

Then, in a reminiscent vein, Train took everyone for a thrilling blast into the past with chart-topping hits like ‘If Its Love’, ‘Meet Virginia’ and ‘Calling All Angels’. Pat even had a middle-aged lady from the audience accompany him on the song ‘Bruises’ and called upon a six year old girl to sing along to Train’s cover of ‘Don’t Stop Believing’. In between numbers, the band scattered t-shirts, guitar picks, and an autographed drum cover into the throng.

After climaxing the gig at ‘Hey Soul Sister’, Train ditched the typical emotional role-play of bands anxiously waiting for loyal fans to shout “Encore”. Pat admitted that they didn’t want to leave the stage. Instead, the band’s drummer/keyboardist, Scott Underwood, started playing the tune to Drops of Jupiter.  Bursting into a roar of cheer, the entire mob of fans poured their hearts out. The synchronized chorus captured a special moment between the band and its fans and reminded people exactly why Train first made its mark with this Grammy Award winning song.

The show closed with ‘Sing Together’ from Train’s latest album, California 37. The bittersweet song ended on happy note when a lucky pair of kiddos were gifted a guitar personally autographed by the band. Train’s exhilarating performance ended with the band promising to play more shows in Singapore very soon.