Anthony Raneri and Chris Conley live in Singapore

In for a treat at Home Club

By Sara Aljaru

Fans of American punk rock band Bayside and rock band Saves The Day were in for a treat when Anthony Raneri (Bayside) and Chris Conley (Saves The Day) made their appearance at Home Club last Friday night.

The Sound Session, organised by Snowbird Productions, kicked off with appearances from young, local talents. James Barker and Rino Darusman from local band, Godzilla warmed up the crowd by playing songs from the band’s EP, Something New. Singer, songwriter and pianist, Chris Jones (These Brittle Bones) wowed the crowed with songs from his albums, such as Flecks and Anchor Bleed.

The biggest crowd drawer that the audience was waiting for finally came when Anthony Raneri appeared on stage first, chatting with the crowd in between sets as he performed songs by Bayside such as Blame It On Bad Luck and Landing Feet First and also performed songs from his EP, New Cathedrals.  Chris Conley went on stage next. Also his first time here in Singapore like Anthony, Chris’ made his session a fun and interactive one for the audience, accepting song request, making it a spontaneous one as well. The audience had a great time singing along with both singers and it was nothing short of a spectacular performance.

It was a great night for those who came, and the fans of the performers would definitely be expecting them to come again.