Audi Star Creation 2013

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by Ezzaty Hamid

Audi Star Creation is now getting more attention from the public, mainly from the young fashion enthusiasts. It is a regional fashion design competition that identifies and nurtures emerging Asian fashion design talent.

The event was first held in 2010, as part of the inaugural Asia Fashion Exchange.

Audi Star Creation 2013 received a total of 355 entries from 16 countries including Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Mongolia, South Korea, Singapore, Japan and India. However, only 12 finalists managed to witness their creation walking down the runway. This year, Singapore and Vietnam are fielding the competition’s youngest finalists. Felix Nai is a 20 year-old-student from Temasek Polytechnic’s Apparel Design and Merchandising whereas Ngo Hoang Kha, also 20 is a student from Ho Chi Minh City University of Architecture’s Faculty of Fashion Design.

As soon as the event kickstarted, audiences were seen capturing the different creations via their DSLR cameras and also with their phones. Each time a model passed by, audience praised the commendable works the finalists have presented.

It was definitely not just a happening event but also aspiring for most of the audience, especially the youngsters as they see how ordinary students can achieve this far in the competition. It was even heartwarming to know that Haziq Putra from Singapore did not just emerge as one the three winners but also won the Audi Young Designer Award (AYDA), which comes with a SGD10, 000 cash prize. This was awarded to him for having created a set of clothes that showcases Audi’s spirit of innovation, technology and progression.

The other two winners for this competition were China’s Sun Yi Jin, 24, Vu Tan Linh,26 from Vietnam.

It is no wonder why there were more young fashionable people attending the Audi Star Creation 2013 on the 13th May 2013 at Tent @Marina Promenade. Perhaps, one of them might just be the next finalist for next year.




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