Audi Star Creation 2013 Winner- Haziq Putra

A ray of light for young aspiring fashion designers in Singapore


by Saranya Mahendran

The Audi Fashion Festival is a hallmark event that rings a bell even to the man on the street.Like the name suggests, the Audi Star Creation Competition selects and grooms individuals to become the star designers of the Audi Fashion Festival.

The contestants who won were China’s Sun Yi Jin, Vu Tan Linh from Vietnam and Haziq Putra from Singapore. Haziq also won the Audi Young Designer Award (AYDA), which comes with a S$10,000 cash prize. This was awarded to him for having created a set of clothes that showcases the Audi’s spirit of innovation, technology, and progression.

Haziq was seen tearing up with joy once it was unveiled that he was one of the general winners, as well as the AYDA winner. He is a student of Apparel Design & Merchandising in Temasek Polytechnic, along with Felix Nai, his classmate.

Felix is the youngest competitor and has produced an elegant collection inspired by cherry blossoms. Sadly, due to tough competition, he did not win. He is not dejected though. When asked what he would do if he did not win, he shrugged and said that he would graduate with his diploma and look for his next step in life. He said that he was thankful for his parents’ support in whatever he does, and that helps him keep going.

Haziq on the other hand, revealed that studying a fashion related diploma had angered his parents very much as they had hoped for him to choose a more ‘practical’ diploma. Him winning the Star Creation Competition has given clearly given his parents happiness. He’s a ray of light for other aspiring fashion designers in Singapore.

When asked to give a shout-out to young adults who want to build a career in fashion in Singapore, the two contestants humbly refused, saying that they believe they are in no position to give advice, being only at the beginning of their path.