Battle amongst the National Champions

Top dancers from all over the world at DANCE@LIVE World Cup OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

by Yoon Ji Seon (photos: Ji Seon)

Organised by Pioneer Steez Audio, a line of speakers catered to dance enthusiasts, the grand finals of the DANCE@LIVE World Cup battle took place at Avalon (Marina Bay Sands) on 30th June 2013. Dancers from 11 countries competed to win the grand prize of $3000 USD. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

One-on-one dance battles were held for 3 different categories of dancing: the break dance, hip-hop and freestyle. Each dancer had 2 rounds (60 seconds per round) of solo dancing to impress the judges before 1 dancer was qualified to enter the next stage. The 5 renowned judges who took part were: Loose Joint, Fire Lock, Gucchon, Hiro and Ducky.

The professional dancers showed off incredible dance moves and stunts that drew loud cheers from the fanatic crowd. Local dance crew the “Basic 5” appeared as guest performers, blowing kisses at the supportive crowd and created a party-like atmosphere.

Next, the Japanese dance crew “Beat Buddy Boi”, who appeared in an Adidas commercial, took over the stage and left the audiences in awe with their swift and perfectly synchronised movements. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Another spectacular performance was put on by the award-winning Japanese crew “Time Machine”. The dancers were dressed up as surgeons and patients, showing off unbelievable electrocution dance mOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAoves.

A remarkable dance-off was fired up between Ibuki (Japan), one of the few female dancers, and Shorty from Italy. Ibuki wowed the crowd with her fierce feminine locking dance while Shorty took it easy with a smirk on his face, teasing Ibuki’s girly dance moves. Slim boogie, a USA representative, danced like he had no bones with his long physique. With his extremely impressive popping skills, he showcased a variety of robotic dance moves.


Mr. Charisma Kantaro, CEO of Anomaly Inc. – the main production company for the event, remarked, “Dancing is very important to our lives as it changes the world by bringing people together.”

Winner of break dance category: Morris, USA

Winner of hip-hop category: Carlos, Italy

Winner of freestyle category: Ibuki, Japan