Battle of the Reds


by Agatha Oei

In the upcoming Castlewood Battle of the Reds, ardent fans of the prominent Liverpool FC and Manchester United FC can expect an exhilarating square-off at the Singapore Sports Hub. With the Liverpool Masters facing off Manchester United Masters, key players such as Liverpool legend Robbie Fowler and former Manchester United player Lee Sharpe would be returning in the anticipated match which would leave both the Kops and Red Devils at the edge of their seats.

Most people might wonder, if the longstanding history of rivalry between both groups is extended beyond the soccer field. This reporter from Campus Magazine had a chance to speak with former Manchester United player, Lee Sharpe who revealed that despite the intense rivalry displayed between both the Liverpool Masters and Manchester United Masters on the field, they are on friendly terms and would occasionally play golf together. Sharpe also mentioned that the camaraderie between Manchester United and Liverpool dates back a long time hence both Liverpool and Manchester United share a complex love/hate relationship. On the field, both teams would put up a fearsome battle in attempt to win the match and bring home the bragging rights. Off the field, however, they were able to remain friends.

When asked why the Manchester United team chose to play in Singapore, Sharpe who frequently visits Singapore responded that he feels that Singapore, with its favorable tropical weather and incredibly strong fan base were key reasons. He added that he was enthusiastic to be playing in the upcoming Castlewood Battle of the Reds.

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