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Cyber Security Specialist

As the internet is getting more involved in our lives, professionals who can protect your data from hackers will be a hot commodity.

Synthetic Biologist

In the future, there would be no limit to
science, where biologists can create organisms to perform specific tasks.

Genetic Counsellor

Parents might be able to reduce their baby’s risk to genetic diseases with the help of genetic counsellors.

Nano Engineer

With the advancement of robots, scientists now will be able to engineer robots in new shapes and sizes on a super microscopic scale.

Simulation Engineer

From surgery to flying a plane, there’s a simulator for everything these days, so someone has to maintain and create these technologies.

Social Media Manager

The new ‘it’ profession, it’s no longer just a hobby, as organisations are now employing online communities to enhance their brands.

Space Architects

As space tourism is becoming a reality, there will be a need for architects to allow humans to live in lunar outposts.

Vertical or GM Farmer

As urban areas are getting increasingly vertical, the only way to grow crops is straight up too. With genetically modified farming, this is possible.

Mobile Application Developer

With the advent of smartphones, it’s only natural that an increased number of developers will be needed to create more apps.

Sustainability Officer

Eco-savvy individuals will be relied upon in the future to find, research and implement eco-friendly policies to benefit organisations, as well as the earth.

Campus Articles || Education || Future Careers