Campus Intern Gathering 2012

The Post-Christmas Do 

By Clara Lock

Campus’ semiannual intern gathering is back! Our third installment features an awards show, video games, and a white elephant for everyone.

Campus magazine held its third intern gathering last Friday, which saw over twenty people coming down to mingle, hang out, and pit their video gaming skills against each other.

Held at St Games at The Cathay, the party also hosted guest speakers Shah and Sedali, co-founders of youth-centric entertainment blog Popspoken. They shared their experience with spearheading a new startup, as well as some advice for aspiring writers hoping to break into the industry.

“You just have to leave your shame at the door,” said Shah, “And don’t be afraid to get rejected.”

Ming, PR manager of analog camera store Peek! then shared his thoughts on analog photography, explaining that lomography is a brand rather than a type of camera.

“It’s different from shooting digital. There is magic in analog photography,” he said.

Peek! was also one of the sponsors for The Voice Awards, Campus’ very own awards show for outstanding contributors. Winners Cheryl, Ratna and Eugene all took home analog cameras for their writing and photography, while Prabhu and Rahimah walked away with Eskuche headphones.

Friendsips were forged and handphone numbers traded, and nobody really wanted to leave, even as the gathering wound down. Till summer!