Casting rainbows in Singapore

L’Arc-en-Ciel wows crowd with their virgin performance here

By Ratna Masayu, photos courtesy of Lushington Entertainments

Fans of L’Arc-en-Ciel welcomed the group for the first time on Saturday night when the band made its first stop here at the Singapore Indoor Stadium as part of its 20th Anniversary World Tour.

With 12 albums under their belt and having sold 40 million records, the four-piece rock group is still rocking the stage since their debut in 1991.

20 years in, L’Arc-en-Ciel – French for ‘The Rainbow’ – has long shed their visual kei image, retiring from the outlandish outfits and exaggerated hairdos, though retaining their signature Japanese flamboyance.

Just like their name, the group’s musical style spans genres, ranging from pop and ballads to edgier metal rhythms. The L’Arc-en-Ciel flavour is an improbable mix of Metallica-esque guitar riffs, vocalist Hyde’s unique wide-register vocals, and anime-inspired lyrics.

Clad in vibrant colours and Japanese street fashion, fans all of ages, ethnicities and nationalities filled the stadium, abuzz in excitement waiting to see their favourite rockers for the first time. As 4 silhouettes appeared on stage, and drummer, Yukihiro signalled the first number, Ibara no Namida, the crowd roared along as L’Arc-en-Ciel rocked the stage.

Fronted by their vocalist, Hyde, the band led the crowd through a 19-song set list with hits like Chase from their latest album Butterfly, and older hits like Seventh Heaven and The 4th Avenue Café.

In between sets, guitarist Ken engaged the audience by reading off a piece of paper in English, narrating his shopping experience at Mustafa Centre and proclaiming his love for Pink Merlions. So great was his love for the merlion that he brought on stage six assorted sizes of it as a gift for leader and bassist, Tetsuya.

Ken had also done his homework, adding in heavily accented Singlish, “Singapore is very very hot la,” adding coyly, “But… you are very hot too”, sending the crowd into frenzy.

A ‘Ho seh boh?’ (Hokkien for Feeling good?) from Ken, and with the audience’s feel-good replies, he went into a powerful rush of chords and got the crowd all pumped up for Ready Steady Go.

With an explosive performance of their hits, the crowd naturally roared for an encore. Re-entering the stage, Hyde performed a mesmerizing medley of Anata, Winter Fall, Blurry Eyes and Niji against the beautiful backdrop as he wrapped up the night with a beautiful finish and a last round of fanservice by the members.

“I want to see you again, may I come again?” asked Hyde as his blew his final kiss.

Definitely, Hyde. Definitely.

What the hell is ‘anime-inspired lyrics’??
No, the secret to crack secret anime geekdom code does not lie in L’Arc~en~Ciel lyrics.

I hope L’arc-en-ciel comes again VERY VERY SOON!!! The concert was freaking awesome!! I love them!!

Hi, I just want to add some corrections. The one who likes pink is Tetsu, that’s why Ken bought for him all of the pink merlions. And after Ken’s MC, the song played is Seventh Heaven, the hint is he got 7 gifts for Tetsu. Those aside, thanks for the great review! 😀 C’est La Vie~