Cathay Motion Picture 2012 Competition

Celebrating Aspiring Filmmakers and Talent


By Sharmaine Chan

Celebrating the first of many to come, Cathay Organization launched the inaugural Cathay Motion Picture Competition in September 2012. Leveraging on Cathay’s 77th Anniversary, the competition involved aspiring filmmakers that had to produce a 77-second film within a span of 77 hours based on the theme “Celebration”.

A booming industry, I was pleased to see that many of the team comprised of students and working adults in their 20’s with a passion for filmmaking and producing. Themes like family, love and education were covered in many of the films, coupled with a few sniffles being heard in the crowd to erupting laughter.

The final 25 out of 49 shortlisted motion pictures were screened on the night of the results at The Cathay. Hosted by Michelle Chong and Ponsak, the event was an unforgettable one for many of the contestants who had a chance to watch their competitors’ production.

The winning team, Walk and Roll Studios, took home the grand prize of $20,000 worth of cash and prices amongst other attractive prices. Their motion picture, entitled Poppie Pop screened a quirky tale of celebration about a bunch of effervescent corn kernels. What amazed me the most was how they managed to piece the entire production together, involving props and digital effects in a mere 77 hours.

Speaking to acclaimed film director Jack Neo, he mentioned with a smile how much of “a huge improvement the film industry has become from 10 years ago” with the support of the “funding in arts from the government”.

Asking for advice for all future filmmakers out there, Mr Neo jokingly said “Don’t care, just try lah!” then proceeded to give you potential film junkies out there this piece of advice: “Big directors like myself have gone through what you are going through. But if you love what you do, you will never give up pursuing it. This is how I became who I am today.”