Celebrating The Full Moon

Durian mooncakes add a new dimension

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by Lynn O

Those of you who aren’t big fans of traditional mooncakes can now enjoy the Mid Autumn Festival with a new indulgence: durian mooncakes from Emicakes. The Mooncake Grandeur Collection has 3 lavish durian flavours – wrapped in delicate crystal skin – to tempt your tastebuds: Mao Shan Wang, Premium D24 and D24 Oreo.

Mao Shan Wang (for the serious durian connoisseur):

Bite through the thin green skin, and all you’ll get is an explosion of durian. A bit of warning: this is more for those who like their durian flavour strong. The roughly-ground durian makes it seem as if you’re eating a durian with a snowskin wrapping, not the other way around.

Premium D24 (for an aromatic durian flavour): 

Packed with a generous amount of smoothly-ground D24, the subtle yet aromatic flavour and creamy texture will definitely tempt your tastebuds. The light yellow-coloured, crystal skin almost melts in your mouth, letting the super sweet flavour of the D24 come through.

D24 Oreo (for durian virgins):

If you’re not that hot on durians, then the Oreos blended with aromatic D24 is perfect for you. No overpowering durian flavour or aroma here – the chocolatey goodness of Oreos is nicely blended into the filling, making it taste more like a sweet (slightly chocolatey) dessert than a full-on durian paste. Don’t let the speckled colour of the filling put you off – it’s really surprisingly delicious.