Easter Hunting: Chocolate Balls, Anyone?



People like ball games, especially when it comes to putting them in their mouths.

In 2014, Square Enix released their limited edition Final Fantasy VII Materia Chocolates. For those who play the game, you’ll be familiar with these brilliant orbs that lend their owners magical power to fulfil epic quests. These beautiful spheres come in five mouth-watering colours, and can actually level up your hyperactivity through the sugar and caffeine. Pity they’re not relaunching it in tandem with their release of FF XV this year, but you can still head down to Square Enix’s egg-shaped Artnia cafe in Shinjuku to try some Materia-inspired ball ice cocktails.


Chocolate Planets and Death Star balls

If you’re more into a different set of balls and are pondering what Uranus would taste like, you can be like Galileo with the Solar System set of chocs. These eight (sorry, Pluto) unique pieces of gourmet chocolate look like miniatures of the planets, and come in flavours related to the personalities of each, like Ceylon tea flavoured with milk for Uranus. Perhaps that’s what fuels Galactus’ planet-devouring spree, he’s really a chocoholic. These stellar desserts are still in production, and be purchased online and at Rihga Royal Hotel in Japan, individually (per your planetary preference) for 441 yen (SGD$5.50) or in sets – order all 8 and they’ll throw in the sun, in pineapple flavour.

With Star Wars: The Force Awakens breaking box office records, it is high time to whip out some Death Star Chocolate Balls from the freezer. Using ThinkGeek’s Death Star Ice Sphere Mold, you can create your own galactic superweapon stuffed with your favourite filling to explode the way you like it. The Death Star has even been recast as a cherry-filled space station, and a planetary destroyer with a gooey Nutella centre by various chocolatiers.

Now, we wonder when we can have the real versions of South Park’s Chef’s “Chocolate Salty Balls”. Om nom nom, guys and girls.

Credit for all photos to respective owners.