Companies with Animals for Names



It’s not a stretch to say that most of us are animal lovers. So much so that any cute animal-looking mascot is enough to get us fawning. To capitalise on our love of all things cute (and animal-y), many companies these days are not only coming up with animal mascots, they’ve actually branded their entire company image (and name) on an animal. What’s more interesting is the fact that most of these brand names seem to be allergic to capital letters and spacing between words. Take these four brands, for example…


Established in 2012, this food delivery company may seem familiar to many of you. Their logo features a clean icon of a smiling panda. What a panda has to do with food or fast delivery is still up for  debate. At least it’s cute.

Screen shot 2016-01-04 at PM 07.06.22

The latest food delivery company to establish a foothold in Singapore, Deliveroo’s image is one of a kangaroo against a blue circle. This posh food delivery service’s use of a kangaroo suggests that your food bounces from restaurants to your doorstep.



Yet another company dedicated to deliveries – this time for groceries rather than hot meals – Honestbee has a friendly bee mascot that looks a little like a yellow rocket. What we want to know is, are there any ‘dishonest’ bees?



Definitely one of the cuter names related to the boring insurance industry, Gobear helps you compare travel and health insurances from various sources.  This cute mascot definitely gives you a ‘friendly’ vibe that most insurance companies try to portray.