Disney's Beauty and The Beast Review


by Terence Lim

Disney’s Beauty and The Beast has finally arrived in Singapore! We take a look at this amazing musical as it opens for the very first night!


The show certainly broke through to our hearts with wonderful music and stunning visuals, especially during one of Gaston’s songs which clinking of cups were used live to create sounds during the segment. I was kept to the edge of my seat in excitement as it went on, with deemed precision and excellent choreography. The Disney classic that we had watched growing up was brought to life on stage and instead of feeling like just an audience, we were definitely made to be the guests throughout the show with the hospitality of the Castle’s Staff.


Beast’s character was given a whole new take, and it was quite an interesting one that  made it feel as though we’re watching the story unfold for the first time all over again. His character tickled the audience pink and was certainly very refreshing to watch. The Musical has certainly made a change in us all after such a fantastic night, the show runs from now till the 19th of April 2015, a show that’s one not to be missed, get you tickets before it’s all sold out !

(images credit to Disney’s Beauty and The Beast)