Feel the heat, dance along!

A Glamourous and Zestful Evening

By Sugenya Manogaran and Cristie Kennedy

120 minutes? Won’t you feel restless sitting through a show that long?

This was our exact initial thoughts before walking through the doors of the Marina Bay Sands theatre, where “Burn the Floor” dance musical awaited us.

The 16 dancers from countries such as United Kingdom, USA, Australia, Italy and South Africa all came together and displayed their avid passion for dance. With a live band and amazingly talented dancers, the dance musical started off with a bang showcasing the various dancers in their own spotlights.

The live music in the background then mellowed down to a more soothing and romantic piece where a pair glided smoothly and flawlessly across the stage. Their chemistry captivated our fullest attention, leaving us in awe.

The great choreography was evident in the dancers’ swift and agile movements each changing as the tempo picked pace.  An array of dance styles, such as Rumba, Paso doble, quickstep and etc, were presented by the dancers leaving the audience yearning for more. Each expression was portrayed accordingly, showing love, passion and jealousy in the various acts presented.

While their expressions exuded charisma, the dancer’s high energy movements got us tapping our feet and nodding our heads to the fist pumping beats. It was a grand spectacle to watch the live singing as the dancers pranced across the stage.

Each costume was elaborately designed for each dance style – the shimmer and glitter, the seamless gowns and pretty ornaments to match with. The stage was filled with glamour and bold confident talents. The whole show ended in the same heart pumping manner it started. It was indeed a whimsical and zestful evening for the both of us.

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