From Cherry Pie Frappuccino to KitKat Sushi: Japan’s Weird Food Obsession

Japan is no stranger to creating strange – yet pleasing – food items. Especially for a limited edition release. Plenty of major brands take part in this bizarre food race, and for those of you who love to experiment with food (who doesn’t?), here are some new offerings:

Starbucks’ American Cherry Pie Frappuccino is certainly a unique creation. For a Frapuccino, it is indeed impressive – firstly, there is an actual domed crust on top of the drink! Basically, they’ve created a drinkable pie with a cherry filling – how cool is that?

However, the Frappuccino goes on sale in Japan for a limited time only, from April 13 to May 16, costing 640 yen for a tall size.

Fast food outlets are no stranger to releasing flavours based on the changing of seasons. Case in point, this cherry blossom season saw the release of McDonald’s McFlurry Sakusaku Sakura – which comes with sakura-coloured waffle cone bits accented with pickled cherry blossom leaves and a sakura mochi (cherry blossom rice cake) sauce. It’s only available until early April.

Japanese Kitkats are infamous for their varied and peculiar flavours, but the latest release is arguably the strangest yet: sushi. Don’t be alarmed, as there’s no actual fish in them. Coming in 3 ‘flavours’, the KitKat Sushi set comes in tuna (which is raspberry flavoured), tamago (which is pumpkin pudding flavoured), and sea urchin (which is Hokkaido melon with mascarpone cheese). All three have a base made of puffed rice with white chocolate and a hint of wasabi – and wrapped in seaweed.

These were released to coincide with the opening of KitKat’s new Ginza store, where they were sold in limited quantities between February 2 and February 4 at upwards of 3,000 yen per set.