GHOST the musical


Ever wondered how the power of love can transcend death? In Ghost the Musical, adapted from the 1990’s Oscar award winning film that was directed by Jerry Zucker and starred Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore, Whoopi Goldberg and Tony Goldwin, you can be sure that that’s what you can see – live on stage no less!

As seen by over a million people worldwide, the stage illusions and special effects adds on to evoking the emotions in audiences both young and old, as the heart wrenching musical comes alive before your eyes. Prior to the show’s opening later that evening, we were invited to catch a media preview on Wednesday morning as well.

We got to get a little insight about the cast as well, as they shared their wise words with us. “To the many aspiring actors, enthusiasts and artists, professional or not, motivation is a key factor for success. And despite how things may go, stay true to yourself, and go for it even if others say no – just keep going!”

Wise words indeed!

The musical adaptation of the film sticks quite closely in most aspects, following the original script and screenplay by Bruce Joel Rubin. The story revolves around the love between Sam Wheat and Molly Jensen, played on-stage by Liam Doyle and Lucie Jones respectively where after a nice dinner, a robber confronts Sam and Molly; a struggle breaks resulting in the death of Sam. Sam is then left to wander the streets as a ghost, soon after, Sam learns the identity of his murderer, and discovers that Molly is not out of the clear yet. With the help of an unwilling psychic, the dynamic duo work their way together, and prevented any harm that may come to Molly in the end.

From watching both the preview and the musical, one thing that could be said for sure is that it was a feast for the eyes and ears. The set pieces were designed to be fully functional, as doors open only to transform into yet another set piece, and each individual furniture used by the cast moved in and out from one thing to another relatively smoothly. The lightings and special effects were spectacular to watch, as the projections of the environment of each scene transitioning to different perspectives gave the audience a different view of what went on in each scene. The wondrous special effects too, left us in disbelief and amazement, as we watch the cast walk pass doors and float around on stage in disbelief, seemingly like magic.

Of course, I guess magic do happens sometimes, afterall when you have the man who worked on special effects for the Harry Potter and a consultant for magic on the film, Hugo, and the illusionist Paul Kieve, whom without the production would not be the same, these ‘magic’ can only happen because otherwise, who else can make them come true?

Hence, for all the factors above, come watch Ghost the musical from now till the 15
th of November at the Sands theatre, Marina bay Sands Singapore before it is gone! With determination and love so great, be sure not to miss this!