Gold does grow on trees


Just not visible to us, that is

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By: Lakshmi Ganesan

Yes it’s possible, but no, it’s not exactly in the manner you’re imagining it to be – gold doesn’t grow in the manner fruits do on trees, so you can’t go around plucking it.

Then, how exactly does gold grow on trees? To be honest, it doesn’t grow; it’s absorbed and assimilated into trees. Australian scientists recently found that small mineral deposits of gold can be absorbed by certain trees like eucalyptus trees – due to their extensive root system that can grow up to 40m – and if these gold deposits are found nearby the roots. However, most plant roots can’t digest the gold, hence the gold is then transported to the leaves and ends up staying there.

So how much gold is there residing in plants? Well, Australian scientists have estimated it will take at least 500 eucalyptus trees to create just one wedding ring as the concentration of gold found in leaves is that minute. So, don’t get your hopes up when you go around trying to pluck off leaves or trying to plant eucalyptus trees.