Terror Thursday: Haunted places in downtown


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Singapore has developed into a formidable modern city-state within a short span of 50 years. Yet if we dig into beneath the surface of the furnishes and redevelopments, we would realise that coexisting alongside the modern, bustling high-rise buildings are the decrepit, untouched ones – silently awaiting for anybody willing to probe deeper to unveil its own stories. Here are the top 3 locations in the city area we think you might like to take note of.

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Shuttered maternity home

Situated amidst a number of educational institutions, this more-than-60-year-old uninhabited building seems relatively harmless, with only some white paint starting to peel off from the walls and the main door tightly shut. This was Singapore’s first maternity home, built at a time when midwives and GPs were responsible for births. Students from nearby colleges have sometimes seen movements from behind the empty windows, and if you are standing close enough to the building, you may also hear strange wailing noises. Curiously, 2 churches stand right next to this building – convenient for baptisms. Or…?


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Mount Faber

This place has evolved into such a busy attraction that one would least expect it to be creepy. However, it appears that Mount Faber holds many hidden stories to it, especially relating to abandoned graves, bunkers and a reservoir dating back to unknown times. While the history of the area may date back to the 16th century (there’s a known grave of Malay princess Radin Mas Ayu), it’s its WWII history that eludes most visitors. First was the discovery of a mysterious tomb of a Japanese naval officer who died in 1942 – why was his gravesite so far from his compatriots who were buried in Yio Chu Kang? And then there was the discovery of a hidden reservoir (built in 1908) that was the site of 3 drownings in 1936 and 1948. Maybe these are the contributing factors to the strange reports we hear about thick mists and strange apparitions at night.


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Old Malay Cemetery

A short distance away from the hustle of a favourite haunt for budget outfits, lie the unkempt Old Malay Cemetery and Muslim Cemetery, one of which dates back to the 19th century. Given its prime location, you would have thought it would have made way for development by the government – perhaps it’s still here because it was listed since British times as a tomb of Malay princes. Whatever the reasons for its continued preservation, the cemetery’s moss- and grass-covered tombs give it an eerie feel, and it’s not helped by the fact that it was the site of a shootout in December 1972 involving 2 of Singapore’s most dangerous criminals. The Hassan brothers’ escape from Changi Prison ended in a murder-suicide (one brother killed the other before killing himself) when they were cornered by police at their hideout at the Old Malay Cemetery. Some say their violent spirits still haunt this spooky place.

These places may have gone unnoticed while you were exploring the town areas in Singapore previously, but now that you are aware of them, perhaps you might want to try your luck with these hot spots the next time you happen to be nearby.