Terror Thursday: Singapore Hauntings from WWII


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Singapore is a small nation, and we have come far in terms of development. We have gone through WWII, and witnessed the brutality that war had brought along. Yet, while that seems to be the past, there are apparently some souls that don’t see it that way. In land-scarce Singapore, where every inch of land is precious for development, there are some places that seemingly remain the way they have been for years long – standing abandoned and in decay. After all, these historical site have a story to tell….and it may not be for the faint-hearted.

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Old Changi Hospital

History: Built in 1935, the Old Changi Hospital served as a British military hospital that was occupied by the Japanese during WWII, using it as a prison camp and a torture chamber. Officially closed in 1997, the place is now partially redeveloped into a hotel.
Hauntings: For those who have managed to sneak in, many have reported feeling a tingling sensation behind their necks, and hearing screams and shrieks coming from some of the wards. Shadows and hovering apparitions have also been sighted, drifting in and out of the rooms.

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Changi Beach Chalets

History: A popular location for gatherings in the past, the Changi Beach Chalets are along Changi Beach, which was the site for the infamous Sook Ching massacre during WWII. These days, the chalets are much quieter as people choose to have staycations at hotels instead.
Hauntings: There have been reports that doors of the chalets creak open and shut at night, and some people have returned back home from the chalet or the beach with scratches on their backs. Those walking along the beach have also experienced invisible hands grabbing at their legs. Bloodstains and weeping have also been spotted and heard throughout the compound.

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Labrador Park

History: The fort was built as the British saw the beach as an easy place for the Japanese to land. Thus, the cliff’s high vantage point led them to identify it as a defence site from sea assault. The remains of the old fort and underground bunkers still remain till today.
Hauntings: Figures appearing in the middle of the sea as well as apparitions in the trees and a strong stench of decomposing flesh have been reported by many who have been at that area past midnight. At times, these spirits follow close behind those who have seen them, or simply glare at them until they leave.


Kent Ridge Park/Pasir Panjang

History: During WWII, the site of Kent Ridge Park was the site of the Battle of Opium Hill, the fiercest battle between the Japanese forces and the Malay Regiment Army.
Hauntings: Accessible by car via a lone road, those who’ve been there have reported a pontianak sighting near the lake. The parade square is where most supernatural happenings occur, including flying balls of light, inexplicable shadows dancing around, and companions behaving strangely.

Pearl’s Hill & Outram Park

History: There is a former prison (now demolished) on Pearl’s Hill, near Outram MRT, which was used during WWII by the Japanese to detain and execute prisoners-of-war. The park surrounding it had big trees supposedly used for hangings, and corpses were buried in the area.

Hauntings: Plenty of pedestrians walking along the covered walkway from Eu Tong Sen to Outram MRT have experienced an eerie air about the place. Those who’ve hung around in the park at night have seen apparitions waving at them.

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Old Ford Factory

History: The area along Upper Bukit Timah Road used to be the site of battles between the Malay regiment and Japanese during WWII. Thereafter, the Ford Factory was converted into the Japanese military HQ where many Japanese soldiers were said to have committed hara kiri after the surrender. Now, it has been converted into a museum

Hauntings: Paranormal investigators have found distortions in their wireless signals, and Japanese food offerings have all been noted to have slight changes as compared to a control set. At 11pm local time (12 midnight in Japan), flickering lights could also be seen within the compounds as well.