What Went Down During #ChopeTheRoad



Our weekend went by in a flash, as we witnessed Singapore’s first-ever drive challenge that had students (aged 20-24) driving around the complex roads of Singapore. Organised by Campus Magazine in partnership with Hertz, the Hertz Drive Challenge saw a large number of entrants, but only 5 teams (of 2-4 members each) were chosen to compete.

At 9am on Saturday (13 September), the 5 final teams – The Scorpios, #Beeteaescapade, Jerrold & Friends, Lex Steel and Victorious Secret – tackled the roads, stopping by at 4 challenge stations that tested their strength, courage, and teamwork. All 5 teams fiercely battled it out for the grand prize of a 7D6N road trip adventure around Australia’s Gold Coast, including flights on Etihad Airways, adrenalin-pumping activities like skydiving and jet boating, plus passes to Dreamworld. Who wouldn’t want to win, right?

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After randomly selecting their Hertz rental cars (which included Ford and Peugeot brands), the teams zoomed off to their respective first challenges – not knowing what we had in store for them.

Days before the race, we revealed the First Challenge to the 5 teams; it was not a physical activity, but one that tested their social media prowess on Facebook! Sounds easy, but the differences in the scores would tell you it’s not, with the top 2 teams going neck and neck right to the end. After the dust settled, Jerrold & Friends were the clear victors.

Awaiting the teams on race day were 4 other challenges:

#ParkingKaraoke put their singing and parallel parking skills to the test

#BootLoot had teams stuff 50 balloons in their cars

#RubberTrouble worked their muscles while changing a tyre

#DrinkDriving had them play ‘Coffee Pong’, with participants scoring (and drinking) coffee drinks

How we got the scores

If you’re wondering how the teams performed at some of the stations, we’ll let you know that Jerrold’s and Lex’s team both tied at #ParkingKaraoke with 1 try each, and at #DrinkDriving, both teams scored the bonus cup, however Jerrold’s team were faster overall. The final scores were very close: 254 points for Jerrold & Friends, and 245 points for Lex steel. Trailing behind were Victorious Secret at 150 points, #Beeteaescapade at 140 points, and The Scorpios at 109 points.

The hashtag #chopetheroad was deliberately localised to amp up the humour and to welcome friends, families and the public to participate and cheer their favourite team on. On race day, the 5 teams also posted their pictures on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the hashtags #ChopetheRoad. Check them out if you’d like to see their photos.

As Campus Magazine had a videographer attached to each team, we were able to release an exciting short clip that featured the teams’ antics at the various stations. Check out our Amazing Race-styled video and see how your favourite team fared:

Hertz Drive Challenge (powered by Campus.sg) from Campus on Vimeo.

Here’s some Twitter screen grabs on what some of the teams said!  

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 6.33.58 pmphoto 1