Hey look! That’s Santa Claus!

“Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas!”

By Nicolette Pereira, photos by Lifestyle Asia Singapore

Not only does Santa Claus the musical tickle the funny bones of people of all ages, but it also serves to remind us of the magic and joy that Christmas brings to the child in all of us.

From the fantastic and elaborate props to the mystical allure which just draws you in and makes you feel as though you were right there at the North pole, Santa Claus the musical was a thoroughly enjoyable experience not only for the children but for us adults as well.

The storyline was indeed crafted incredibly well, with no cliche endings. It keeps you alert and on your feet, setting your mind to just follow the scenes in the musical and find out what happens in  the end.

The musical contained several lessons that one could take away from it such as learning to wake up on Christmas morning with the joy of a child and to appreciate the little things in life that money or power cannot get you. It also appeals to our hearts as there were not only Christmas songs that were sung, but also a couple of heart-felt love songs. The scene of love at first sight gave me a warm feeling as it reiterates the fairytale ending of how two people from completely different worlds can meet and fall in love at first sight. Although this concept of love at first sight barely holds true in reality, it is great that this musical offers you a chance to imagine that for a few moments.

This heartwarming musical is indeed a show that anyone of all ages will love and what better time to catch it than now especially with Christmas just around the corner.

Santa Claus the musical is showing at Marina Bay Sands Theatres from the 14th to the 30th of December.