Jay Park X x-Mini

Blast out your music with X-mini Capsule SpeakerOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

By: Olivia Kim Young Ah and photos by Yoon Ji Soon

X-mini, one of the most popular portable speaker companies in town, has teamed up with popular K-pop idol Jay Park. The official launch of the Jay Park X -Mini capsule took place on 20th May 2013 at Velvet Underground-Dance, with Jay Park gracing the event to personally introduce his speaker.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMs Darelle Eng, the Head of Marketing & Communications of Xmi Pte Ltd commented, “The fact that Jay was so dedicated to perfecting his own craft, resonated with us and we thought that this would be the perfect match. We also liked it that he’s a bit crazy like us.” (laughs)

Jay Park followed,“When I got to use the X-mini speaker for the first time, I was really impressed. The quality was excellent and the sound came out so clearly from such a tiny speaker. The speaker which we have collaborated on definitely depicts my own personality as well.I picked the colours of the packaging which even reflects my personal background(black, green, yellow–Seattle colours).I love the simple look of it, it turned out well.”jay03

After an hour of press conference , Jay Park performed his big hit song JOAH, and included a rendition of BOB’s track Nothing On You followed by few other songs to celebrate the show with his fans and journalists.

Also, the launch presented many interesting segments for the audience, ranging from a display of various X-mini speakers(including Jay Park’s),  photo zones as well as attractive goodie bags for the guests. An invitation to the show definitely meant more than just being privileged to watch Jay Park’s performance  live- fans get to witness inaugural launch of this ‘one of a kind’ speaker as well as have interviews with the CEO of X-mini and Jay Park himself.

After the event, we could not wait to see who the next artist to collaborate with X-mini will be, and it will be  exciting to see how our favourite artists will  fuse their styles and ideas into a tiny speaker.