Kicking up a storm of goodwill

RP Women’s soccer organizes charity tournament

By Clara Lock, photos courtesy of RP women’s soccer team

Republic Polytechnic women’s soccer player Nur Syazwana used to receive $90 a month from the school pocket money fund, which offers financial aid to needy students. To many, it may not seem like a large sum.

But for the 23-year-old, who doesn’t receive an allowance from her parents and works part time at McCafe for extra cash, it’s ‘quite a lot of money’, which she uses for pocket money and to pay her transport fares.

So when the opportunity arose to organize a charity event, which would benefit students from lower income families who have trouble paying their school fees, Syazwana jumped at the chance.

“It’s very satisfying to be able to give back. What I receive, I also have to return,” said Syazwana, whose delivery driver father supports her and her three siblings on $1500 a month.

The RP women’s soccer team will be organizing a charity tournament for polytechnic, junior college and ITE soccer teams. The event, which will take place on the 31st of March, will also feature beat percussion and soccer freestyling performances, put up by RP student groups.

The team will also sell event shirts, proceeds of which will go to the Darul Ihsan orphanage. They hope to raise $500 from the sale of t-shirts.

For the 24-strong women’s soccer team, it has been a labour of love organizing the event. “It’s been a challenge, because we have no experience in running events,” said vice captain Shuheerah Rosli, who added that they have learnt invaluable lessons ‘that cannot be taught in school’.

They hope to show their peers that the importance of charity, said Syazwana. Added the third year Sports and Exercise Science student: “We just wanted to open up people’s hearts.”