Lawson First Showcase In Singapore

A night to be remembered


by Fitri Handa Yani, Photos by Tan Wei Jie

“One, two, three!”  The voice of the bass player, Ryan Fletcher, amplified throughout the place and the scream of their supporters was deafening.

Standing on the stage with arms outstretched, he absorbed the crowd’s ecstasy.  They shone brighter than the glittering disco ball that night.

Along with the waving placards of “Ryan marry me!” and “Andy Brown hold me like your microphone!” Lawson took the stage performing their first song – “Everywhere You Go”.  Their appearance electrified St. James Power Station and bewitched the hundreds of fans that night. They undoubtedly sang their way into the hearts of many audiences and charmed them into following the band “everywhere they go”.

Lawson first live performance in Singapore was a success. Their fervor for music was wonderfully displayed through their skillful vocals and ardour playing of instruments. It was especially impressive when the roaring supporters started to groove and sang along to “When She Was Mine”, their first single to reach the top 4 of UK Singles Chart in 2012. The scene was heartening as everyone was seen to be deeply immersed in their music. It was simply magical.

The band international success is no fluff. Without any elaborate gigs and frivolous costumes, they won the hearts of many simply through their exceptional skills and devotion to music. Even when they were performing Maroon 5, “Move It Like Jagger”, it was with so much fervency and a character of their own. Their friendly and humorous personalities were seen when the lead singer, Andy Brown and Ryan Fletcher displayed an act of intimacy to the song. This heightened the crowd’s merriment and they went wild.

Closing their performance with “Standing In the Dark” was an absolute choice. Again, the crowd sang spontaneously along to the chorus. The catchy tune and lyrics continued to ring loud in our ears hours after the performance. It was a night to be remembered.

“Standing in the dark,

She’s dancing on the table,

Looking through the glass,

She’s someone else’s angel…”

This has been echoing in my head since.