Liquid Circuits


by Chua Wei Ling

Like what you see here? Did you know that there are no wires involved here nor holes drilled in walls just to get the LED lights fitted in? It may seem ludicrous, as we all know that electricity needs a conductor to pass through, and more specifically, wires. However, while there is a conductor in this case, it is not wires, and can easily be removed and replaced!

For those of us who have tinkered with electrical products, cables and wires are not only difficult to replace for us non-technicians, they are also unsightly too. Worse, in the case of lightings, the amount of cabling and wiring involved in the roofs are just as horrific to see (which is why they are hidden!) To solve problems like these, researchers in Japan have come up with something known as a Circuit Marker and eraser – one single pen that can conduct electricity, thus enabling LED bulbs to light up!


Funded via KickStarter, the circuit marker and eraser allows not only engineers to be able to deal with circuits easily, it also bridges the gap for crafters too as they are able to use them just like markers. Currently, there are also circuit printer inks that are in the works.

To see more of the markers in action, check out their website here:

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