Local issues that have gone worldwide



by Chua Wei Ling

Cheryl, Albert and Bernard. These 3 names recently became famous for appearing on a local “Primary 5” Maths paper. (As it turns out, it wasn’t a Primary 5 paper but a Maths Olympiad paper for Secondary 3s instead). Nonetheless, it was an intriguing logic question, with people cracking their heads to find the answers. So intriguing it was that within a week, the question went viral over social media, and it even had overseas press coverage as well! But, this was not the only local thing that went viral. Check out these other news from our sunny shores that went viral as well!

That 70s Mojo
In this same week, this music video spoof for the local broadcasting channel’s sitcom went viral as well. Sung to the tune of the ’70s local Chinese song called “Manli”, the video spoof was even reported on Taiwanese social media news site and even to Japan and the US, all within 2 days!

That Teenager
Then of course, there was the infamous case of the 16 year old blogger Amos Yee, who was arrested for making remarks against a religion and for the late Singapore’s first PM. From BBC to Bloomberg, to even the New York Times, his arrest made headlines worldwide.

What other news have you seen from Singapore making the headlines worldwide?