McBusted CD review


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By Samantha Lee and Priya Sunil

One Direction, The Wanted, Sam Smith, Jessie J, George Ezra, John Newman…the list goes on. Well, what do these names have in common? If you are guessing something along the line of their nationality, spot on! Besides their chart-topping hits, these singers are all British! Let’s face it. There is something about anything British that makes them so appealing.

McBusted, one of the latest album to hit the Britpop scene, is the combined effort of two of the greatest English bands of the 2000s – McFly and Busted. For those of you unfamiliar with these names, you might remember them for some of their greatest hits such as “All About You” and “Year 3000”. Unlike most boy bands that just stand around and sing songs that are written for them, McBusted composes their own songs and plays their own music.

Samantha: What I like about their album is its lack of mainstream influences, and just how much fun you will have dancing and singing along to each song.  The songs are quite relatable to real life and although there were some numbers that didn’t quite hit the spot, others like “Hate Your Guts”, “Get Over It” and “Beautiful Girls Are The Loneliest” are definitely replay-worthy.

Priya: From the super-catchy “Air Guitar” to their teenage-boy love song “Riding on My Bike”, each and every lyric is so simple, they almost sound silly, but somehow, you cannot help but find that the lyrics are really cute, simple and direct. This is one album that is great if you’re unwinding after a long day, or even when you feel like singing along to something.