Mixing their moves

All-girl group takes dance battle victory

Story by Heng Yi Shi, photos by Hoe Li Jun 

All girl dance team Mix N Match came up tops at Gaja!, a Kpop dance competition jointly organized by The Butter Factory and Play Projects.

The event saw five teams of finalists battle it out for top spot after making it through previous rounds of the contest.

“We’ve done our best and we want to thank our supporters,” said the team, which was competing in a k-pop battle for the second time. They admitted to not expecting the victory, as they are more familiar with dancing hip-hop. The team walked away with $500 cash, $200 worth of drinks at a VIP table that night, and a month’s worth of free entry into The Butter Factory’s K-themed Gaja! Nights.

We caught up with the winners after their victory was announced, and here’s what they had to say:

How did you guys come together to form a team?

We came together through mutual friends. Besides, we belong in the same dance circle and share the same passion for dancing.

Having won the competition, how do you feel right now?

It was not something that we had expected, and we were so nervous! Nevertheless, we would like to thank everybody – the judges, supporters and especially, our boyfriends!

What are some of the obstacles you have met along the way?

Our practice timings were an issue as some of us are working, schooling or both. Sometimes, we had to practice till 9pm at Scape or Lasalle.

Are there any k-pop groups you look up to or draw inspiration from?

We’re fans of both 2NE1 and Bigbang.

Itching to dance the night away to your favourite K-Pop groups and addictive electro and pop anthems?! Head to The Butter Factory’s GAJA night every Thursday, 10pm-3am.

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