More Mad Driving

Some events are so crazy, they are truly weirder than fiction. While these mad drivers have officially saved Singapore from being a boring place, the level of unexpected danger they introduce really isn’t worth it. All this excitement and it’s only January – what a start to 2017.

Woman Rides on Car Roof

Jan 16 – Who knows if Mr Koay crossed himself when he saw a woman in white seated on a moving car’s roof at 3.20am? A ghostly encounter, perhaps? The taxi driver was certainly shocked by her lack of protection – leaning back, not holding onto anything and even waving at him, as she travelled at 50kmh or more. Youth is wasted on the young indeed.

Police Chase Hit-and-run Driver

Jan 13 – An employee from a car rental company was supposed to monitor a driver with a “bad record”, but ended up being run over by him and injured instead.

A police car that happened to be nearby gave chase, pursuing the hit-and-run Honda as far as 5km, even as the rogue driver circled the area to throw them off.

Finally when the owner of the car rental company remotely disabled the car, the driver and passenger still put up a fight by refusing to open the doors, forcing police to baton-smash the windscreen. Inside the car, a parang and medicine believed to be drugs were discovered.

Did I just describe an episode of Law and Order?

Driver Punches, Flashes Finger and tries to Outrun Police

Image: Jason Rogers

Jan 9 – It started when a Honda driver rear-ended a lorry, but when police were taking his statement, he suddenly punched an officer before running away. Even as he ran, he chose to turn and flip off the four – count them: four – cops chasing him. Ironically his bravado failed to carry him very far, and he was subdued via a dogpile after just 500m.

Just another sign that if you can’t actually run, you shouldn’t flip off the cops.

Sleeping Motorist drives into Wrong Lane when Woken by Police

Jan 14 – A BMW driver was apparently so deep in slumberland, he failed to see the lights change, or hear all the frustrated horning behind him. ]

To make matters worse, after police knocked on his car and woke him up, he was so alarmed he hit the gas and drove into the wrong side of the road, nearly knocking into an officer.

The 29 year old driver has been arrested for suspected drink driving, and you know, being an idiot.


When you think of these road users, the recent rash of wrong-way drivers, and the taxi that crashed into a void deck and got stuck, it really makes you want to stay clear of all the roads, at least until the driverless cars arrive.


By Vincent Tan