Munchy Monday: Sarnies & Les Délices



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Our third edition of Munchy Monday will be featuring 2 very different eateries: Sarnies which is known for sandwiches and bar snacks, and Les Délices that’s for those with a sweet tooth.

Check out below for your chance to grab one of FIVE SETS of choux & tea combo from Les Délices!


Telok Ayer is quickly becoming a foodie haven. With a growing number of cafés in the neighbourhood, it is no surprise that competition is getting stiffer. Yet, among all those – Sarnies manages to stand out from amongst the crowd.

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Although famed for their sandwiches, Sarnies also serves other great dishes. Their menu changes depending on the time of the day, and we got to try their evening menu.

The Avocado Fritters ($10) may not be the healthiest way to enjoy the fruit; it’s sliced up and coated with breadcrumbs before being fried till golden brown. For added taste, dip it into the accompanying spicy lime sauce.

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Cajun Spiced Paper Bag Chicken – $14

Served in a brown paper bag is the Cajun Spiced Paper Bag Chicken ($14). We love how the Cajun flavour of the chicken was not too overpowering and how the skin of the chicken had a crisp to it, while the meat remained juicy and tender.

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C4 Bomb – $12

The C4 Bomb ($12) is indeed a peculiar one. Four balls of truffle-infused mashed potatoes, wrapped up in Sarnies’ home-cured bacon, nestled on a bed of avocado purée, this dish was indeed the bomb! With each bite, melted cheese oozed out.

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Churros served with Chocolate and Salted Caramel Dips – $10

The churros ($10) were phenomenal. They were thicker and crunchier than most you find out there. As the churros themselves were already coated with brown sugar and cinnamon powder, we preferred dipping them into the dark chocolate instead of the salted caramel to prevent an overdose of sweetness.

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(background) Up Against the Wall – $16, (left) Princess Consuela – $16, (right) Espresso Martini – $16

Up Against the Wall is Sarnies’ rendition of the classic Dry Martini with Elderflower liqueur. Another recommendation is the Espresso Martini – an aromatic mix of vodka, Costa Rican espresso and coffee liqueur. For a milder kick, we recommend the Princess Consuela, which tastes more like a chocolate banana dessert than a drink with Jack Daniels.

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Sarnies’ exterior has some simple wooden tables and chairs placed outside for al fresco dining. However, the interior gave off a hipster feel that you can find in cafés in Melbourne. The walls were decorated with graffiti and the menu handwritten in chalk on the wall. Fans of the indie pop genre will dig their eargasmic playlist. Sarnies is an ideal place to chill out with your friends and unwind over a martini (or two).

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The evening menu at Sarnies can burn a small hole in a student’s pocket. However, most dishes are meant to be shared, so you can lessen the damage by rounding up a few buddies on your visit.

13 Telok Ayer Street
Singapore 198746

Opening hours:
Mon – Tues: 07:30am – 10:30pm
Wed – Fri: 07:30am – 01:30pm
Sat – Sun: 09:00am – 04:00pm

 Les Délices

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Located at a quiet spot along Kreta Ayer Road sits a peculiar café with a decor reminiscent of French patisseries. Les Délices, or “The Delights”, specialises in desserts and tea, and this 6-month old café has altered their French pastry recipes to suit Singaporean tastes, making the treats less sweet, but still delectable. The café owners are also happy to share their in-depth knowledge, as they provide tea recommendations for each dessert.

In celebration of Singapore’s 50th birthday, Les Délices has incorporated quintessentially Singaporean ingredients into one of its specialties – the choux. During the months leading to August, Horlicks, Milo and Gula Melaka choux were consecutively available for one month each, and will eventually be sold as a trio set in August. We tried the “Stylo Milo” ($5.90) choux – it had a crispy pâte à choux shell generously stuffed with light Milo cream, topped with a Milo nugget. The chocolaty filling was satisfying without being too sweet.


The Earl Grey Choux ($5.90) may not have palatable colours, but its aromatic qualities more than make up for it. In terms of taste, this pastry easily tops the list of choux available at Les Délices.


Earnest Gentleman ($11.90) is a treat for Snickers fans. The dark chocolate mousse makes it bitter, which is balanced with the sweetness of the caramelised biscuit layer. The peanuts in the coating give this treat a little crunch, while the caramel adds a stickiness. Caution: the more you eat this, the sweeter it gets, so follow their tea recommendations to wash the sweetness down.

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Matcha Choux ($5.90) is one of their specialties. Though the light cream has only a faint aroma of green tea, the Matcha crust heightens the taste. However, we have to admit that the green tea flavour was a little weak for matcha lovers.

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Lemon Strawberry Rosette ($9.80) is one of our favourites. Its rose-shaped design and pale pink hue makes it Instagram-worthy. The fruity taste adds to its attractiveness – it has strips of strawberry fruit hidden in the filling, adding a firmness to the cream. Delicious!

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When walking along Kreta Ayer, this café stands out like a French bakery in the middle of Chinatown. Its white and gold colour scheme exudes a posh vibe of high-end restaurants, making it a perfect destination to momentarily escape the clutches of reality. Hung on one side of the walls are all framed photographs of Paris, beautifully taken by pastry chef Georgina during her time in Paris.

Except for certain items, like the Earnest Gentleman, the prices of the food at Les Délices are typical of cafés. The choux and macarons are reasonably priced for their quality. The other pastries, such as the cakes, are a tad pricier, but the novelty of these creations makes up for it. For those who like to save, take heart, because in conjunction with the Great Singapore Sale, cakes are going at 4 for 20% off.

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Les Délices
333 Kreta Ayer Road, #01-14
Singapore 080333

Opening Hours:
Mon: 12pm – 7pm
Tue – Sat: 12pm – 10pm
Closed on Sun


We are giving away 5 choux & tea sets from Les Délices!
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