Music’s Newest Star Fits in Your Pocket

Presenting The Void and the PDJ

PDJ Campaign - 070

by Teng Jing Xuan (photo credit: Atlas Sound & Vision)

Singapore audio-visual equipment retailer Atlas Sound & Vision has been offering its customers the ‘Atlas Experience’ since 1953. This May, the company embarked on a collaboration – excitingly named The Void – with Temasek Polytechnic’s School of Business, allowing students taking the Diploma in Retail Management to benefit from Atlas’s half-century of retail experience.

At a media roundtable on Monday morning, Mr Michael Tien (CEO and Managing Director at Atlas Sound & Vision), Mr Daniel Liang (Director of the Temasek Polytechnic School of Business) and a few participating students explained the concept behind The Void.

The Void is a student-managed store located within the TP campus, offering audio-visual equipment from Atlas’s range at a discounted price for students, staff and alumni. Participating students undergo workshop-style and on-the-job training, learn to ‘delight the customer’ and create a loyal client base, and help shape store design.DSC06913

This collaboration, as Mr Liang pointed out, is in line with TP’s close relationship with industry leaders and practice-based curricula.

Mr Tien highlighted the importance of the retail sector to Singapore’s economy, and noted that the next generation of retailers will need to provide their customers with both the human touch and an ‘omnichannel’ presence across all new media.

Monday also saw the debut of the PDJ portable DJ system in Singapore. Retailing at the special launch price of $599 at Atlas’s TripleOne Somerset boutique, the device packs all the functionality of traditional DJ equipment into a 300g, handbag-friendly body. The PDJ can also be purchased online (with free delivery), at

Intuitive controls and expandable music storage (in addition to the built-in 4GB of storage, users can insert an SD card) make the PDJ an excellent choice for both experienced DJs who seek flexibility and music-lovers who want an easy introduction to making their own mixes.

On hand at the launch event were Soundfyr VJ Sugarfree and student DJ ‘Krikz’ (aka Tang Ki Fung), who demonstrated the PDJ’s capabilities. Their impressive musical improvisation was a preview of the PDJ Street Battle competition which will take place in mid-July – visit for more information on the PDJ and this year’s ‘ring side fight’ for Singapore’s hottest DJ-ing talent!