New Disney Movie Ready To Soar Into Your Heart

Disney’s Planes set to match the hype of its predecessor – Cars









by Clarence Lim

As the wheels come off and the wings in place, get ready for Planes, Disney’s spinoff of the highly popular Cars. The movie revolves around Dusty crop hopper, a crop duster (a real mouthful) , aiming to compete amongst the big boys in the Wings Across the World race, and the initial obstacles and skepticism he met from his more powerful opponents.

This animation flick may seem like its catered solely for children and family fun, but you will be in for a few heartwarming moments. The classic underdog tale will speak to all of us who have childhood ambitions and dreams, but have had that fear to pursue them because of pressures to conform and deciding to stay in one’s comfort zone.

Dusty Crophopper reminds us that we should push the boundaries and step out of our comfort zone and prove to ourselves that we are made for more. Cue nostalgia. The storyline dispenses life lessons, illustrating that the long and unorthodox route can lead to sweet success as well.

It also dispels the saying that ‘nice guys finish last’ and produce a good old underdog victory which is sure to make us feel fuzzy and warm inside. However, this spin off does not evoke the same hype and attention as Cars, possibly due to the novelty of talking automotives dying down.

Planes take flight in cinemas on 9 Sept, so buckle down and get ready for a fun filled ride with the occasional turbulence coming from the kid behind laughing too hard.