New year resolutions that you can keep


by Rin Yeo

Are you still struggling with your new year resolutions (despite being 19 days into the new year)? If some of these resolutions are on your list this year, here’s some help for you to keep to them and hopefully, making you able to check them off the list by the end of the year!

  1. Read moreIf reading is something that you aim to accomplish this year, then it’s time to head over to the library or bookstore again, or, simply pick up a free copy of Campus Magazine. While it seems to be environmentally friendlier to read an e-book, chances are, you will be distracted by whatever that’s on your device instead and not complete any reading at all. Start by bringing a book with you whenever you head out – you’ll be able to maximise the time you take travelling by reading – and if it’s a library book, the deadline of when it is due will also jog you to complete the book much faster!
  2. Keep FitOk, we’re not going to be ambitious and talk about losing weight here – we’re talking about having some form of exercise incorporated into your day. If you fret over having no Physical Education lessons to help you stay fit, there’s many other options that you can adopt in your lifestyles nonetheless. For instance, take the stairs instead of the elevators or escalators, or, alight a stop or two before your stop and walk to your destinations. Either way, you’ll be able to get moving daily with no problem at all!
  3. Adopt a new hobbyFor the you who is hungry for something new to learn this year, if you are the type who knows that you won’t bring yourself to sign up for a class or a course, why not start with something you can do in the comfort of your own home? Give how you can find anything and nearly everything online, which includes free lessons and even instructional videos, mark out a portion of your weekend and get moving then!
  4. Explore a new placeWanderlusts who are itching to go somewhere, why not start with your own backyard? Hop on the train, or even the bus, and stop wherever you feel like stopping. Travel on a route that you may not have thought of going via by – you may be surprised by what you may see and find as such!
  5. Give yourself a break moreIf you find yourself swarmed 24/7, be it due to messages on your mobile or social channels, or simply because work seems never-ending, set a deadline or a block of time aside such that once you hit it, there will be none of such activities (till the time frame ends). Unless whatever needs to be done is pressingly urgent that it needs to be completed in matter of minutes, never spoil yourself and have a leeway – because chances are, once you start working, you won’t stop. Of course, do set yourself a realistic time frame to rest, else nothing will get done either!