Newby tea – review


by Rin Yeo

Over the past few years, teas have been becoming more and more popular in Singapore – and we aren’t talking about bubble teas! From caffeinated to non-caffeinated ones, the range is so diverse that there’s bound to be something that you would like, even if you are not a avid drinker of it.

For those of you who are tea drinkers, you would know by now what teas you like. Yet, for the beginners who aren’t too sure, why not check out our review here? Campus recently managed to get some samples from Newby Teas, and here’s our review on 12 of their flavours!

Who’s Newby Teas?
Newby Teas of London is the most awarded international brand in high-end luxury teas, and recently, they celebrate their 32nd award win at the North American Tea Championship, coming in 3rd place in the competitive Darjeeling category of the 2015 Spring Harvest Tea Class. In February this year, their Supreme Jasmine was also recognised in in the Hot Tea Class for Fall Teas as well!

The kind people at Newby Teas had provided us with teabags that were in individual packagings and the 12 types were:
Top: Oriental Sencha, Strawberry & Mango
2nd row (Tisanes): Peppermint, Chamomile, Berries Delight, Rooibos Orange
3rd row: Masala Chai, Earl Grey, Moroccan Nights, Darjeeling
Last row: Milk Oolong, Jasmine Blossom

Top Row:

Oriental Sencha: The favourite of the office, on first whiff though, you will be greeted by a delightful rich and fruity scent, but when you taste it, what greets you is a floral sweet and light brew that has a lasting finish to it. The balance is perfect, and it gets you a really energizing and refreshing experience.
Best paired with: Sweets/Confectionary





Mango & Strawberry: True to it’s name, you could detect the sweetness of mangoes immediately after it has been unwrapped from the foil. The scent of strawberry wasn’t as prominent though, but when brewed for the stipulated time, the rich mahogany colour from both the strawberries and black tea could clearly be seen. The taste of it is rich and flavourful – layered such that you could enjoy not only the aroma of black tea, but also the fruity and sweet flavours.
Best paired with: Scones/Light cakes




2nd Row (Tisanes):

Peppermint: A bright and airy brew, the cool and spiciness rushes to your head and clears your mind. You can get to enjoy the taste of peppermint to it’s fullest, despite it being clear and light.
Best paired with: Cakes







Chamomile: A tea great for its calming effects, the aroma of it was heady and there was a strong grassy flavour to it, accompanied by a trace of floral essence. For those looking for a cup to wind down after a long week, we definitely would recommend this.
Best paired with: Vanilla/Cream cakes




Berries Delight: The presence of berries can clearly be noted – a sourish and fruity aroma that excites the senses. The brew has a sour tang to it, followed by a sweet aftertaste. Should you add a little honey in, the aroma of the brew is further accentuated and balanced, as it is smoother and much more pleasant.
Best paired with: Sweet pastries





Rooibos Orange: An interesting blend in our opinion, the aroma of this felt pretty medicinal, reminiscent of a Chinese medicinal shop. A sip of this would surprised you however, as the orange notes washes over your tongue and there’s no trace of bitterness which we anticipated with the herbal scent. Instead, it leaves you feeling relaxed, and rejuvenated.
Best paired with: Biscuits




3rd row:

Masala Chai: The spices here smell wonderful – we could detect cinnamon and clove present distinctly, and when brewed, the tea was a really nice strong brew. However, we felt that more spices can added in, as despite seeping for the recommended time, the spices could only be felt faintly.

Best paired with: Savoury food





Earl Grey: A staple and classic in all tea stash, there’s a pleasant aroma of bergamot. Bright and cheerful, the tea was full-bodied and at times, slightly bitter but excites the palate nonetheless.
Best paired with: Afternoon tea snacks






Moroccan Nights: Minty and cooling like the Peppermint, the difference here was that the mint was slightly toned down as green tea took the centre-stage. Hence, what you get is a calming and relaxing mix of aromatic green tea with a dash of added kick from the menthol. We like this as a afternoon perk-me-up.
Best paired with: Chocolate





Darjeeling: A nice blend of black tea with a prolonged aftertaste of distinct flora, the difference with Newby’s teas and any others is that this doesn’t come across as jarring nor too tart. Thin-bodied and light, it works well as a palate-cleanser.
Best paired with: Cakes





Last row:

Milk Oolong: The one flavour that intrigued us the most, the TieGuanYin tea leaves had a fragrant milky scent to it, but upon brewing, there’s no trace of milk to be found! What greets you is a pale yellow-green brew that is smooth and sweet – minus the need for fresh milk!
Best paired with: Savoury food





Jasmine Blossoms: A simple but classic tea, this tea was smooth and sits well with any palate. We reckon that if this was brewed in a Zisha teapot, the scent would be brought out even further.
Best paired with: Sweets/Confectionary