One Direction: This Is Us

The Boys and their Antics

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by Clarence Lim 

Plucked from obscurity and plunged into global stardom, 5 young boys auditioned for the X Factor 2 years ago, unaware that their lives were about to change drastically. In that short span, One Direction has travelled all around the world and performed to massive crowds at some of the world’s most renowned stadiums. All perfectly captured by Simon Cowell (their band manager), ‘This is Us’ is a documentary-styled movie featuring live concert footage, and behind the scenes action of the hyperactive bunch.

Charting their meteoric rise from the TV show to their present status quo, ‘This is Us’ also showcases their frenzied fan base that started off in UK, only to have it spread all over the world – from Mexico City to Japan.

But if you think the boys have it easy, this film will prove you wrong. The packed schedules that the boys follow read more like a training camp’s timetable. And the number of times they get to laze around at home, and spend time with family and friends can be counted with just one hand.

However amidst all the banter and pranks, the movie does strike a chord with its audience, as it’s clear that behind the boys’ cheeky smiles and charming antics lies 5 ordinary teenage boys searching for themselves amongst the chaos that surrounds them every day.

A must watch for every One Direction fan, this film will make you fall in love with the boys even more, If you are not presently a fan, then you might find yourself sneaking in a few laughs along the way and even shedding some tears.