One Lucky Guy

Korean idol Kim Hyun Joong delights fans

By Ratna Masayu, photos courtesy of Running Into The Sun

The Korean hunk of Boys Over Flowers fame , who is also part of popular boy band SS501, once again graced the island, setting female hearts a flutter.

Kim Hyun Joong had the Singapore Indoor Stadium filled up with fans emitting pearl-green light from their light-sticks; emerald being the official colour of SS501’s fanclub.

Cheers filled the stadium as Kim emerged from a massive white ball on stage with a commanding presence, breaking into the upbeat intro Let Me Go. The crowd got even more riled up as Kim cat daddied his way through Break Down, the title song from his Breakdown album that swept Asian music charts.

The Hallyu star brought the fans through a 15-song set list comprising hits from both his Breakdown album, where he sported a rough and rugged bad-boy image, to his chic and dapper days of his second mini-album, Lucky, which were both released in 2011.

Kim had the crowd dreamily cooing along when a video depicting five things he’d do for his future girlfriend played on the backdrop. Featuring the idol himself, it portrayed Kim’s romantic side as he acted out how he would cook for his girlfriend, write a heartfelt letter for her, re-enact a classic Titanic scene with her, and sing only for her. Cheesy? No doubt. But it worked, sending the crowd into a frenzy.

He then serenaded the crowd with Because I’m Stupid, the famed soundtrack from Boys Over Flowers that catapulted him into fame three years ago, while snippets of his character Yoon Ji Hoo played in the background.

Kim also set the bar for fan-service as the first artiste in Singapore to high-five all 3000 people in the audience. While the plan was for Kim to high-five only 500 selected fans, the savvy heartthrob insisted on thanking each member of the audience personally, which he said was his way of showing appreciation to them. Got your high-five? Then wait in anticipation for his full-blown concert to hit shores sometime in 2013.