Parade of Pianos – Play Me, I’m Yours

image credited to it's respective owner
image credited to it’s respective owner

You might have seen the Elephant Parade, or even the earlier Cow parade, now, how about a Piano Parade? Colourfully painted as per the animal sculptures, these pianos would be free for all to play on come March!

First and foremost: how many of you would have an access to a piano these days? For some schools, pianos are easily accessible to all the students, hiding in corners such as in front of the General Office, on the third floor, in front of the stage in the hall, next to a flight of stairs, and of course in the music rooms, such as my alma mater. There was no need for someone to know how to play it to access it, and each day, every single piano would be at some point in time be occupied – from beginners learning how to play, to skilled pianists with their fingers flying on the keys.

From Playtent, together with Singapore International Foundation, comes the project “Play Me, I’m Yours”, a music and arts program for the community. Using the concept  For 25 days, 25 pianos would be placed at 25 public locations, all accessible by the public to play a piece or two on. During this time, workshops as well as musical performances will be conducted at the various pianos, and at the end of 25 days, these piano will be sold, with the proceeds raised going to the 25 beneficiaries that each piano is assigned to.

Date: 13 March to 6 April 2016

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