[Product Review] Ricola NATURAL RELIEF


by Chua Wei Ling

With the haze going past the 240 mark, it is no wonder that more and more people are falling sick these days with flu and sorethroat symptoms. Thankfully, Ricola has introduced a new product that is a great relief for voice, throat irritation and cough!

Launched in August, Ricola NATURAL RELIEF comes in 2 flavours: Swiss Cherry and Honey-Lemon. Filled with a syrup-centre, each liquid filling is a minty and soothing relief to help clear the nasal passages for you to breathe freely and soothe the throat.

For voice and throat relief, the Honey-Lemon drops is your best option to have. With a strong honey taste to it, it provides soothing relief to the throat without being overly minty. The lemon comes in as an aftertaste that surrounds your mouth, hidden together with the herbal and menthol in the soft core. In our opinion, this might be a little too sweet for some people.

The Swiss Cherry flavour on the other hand, is more geared towards relief for coughs and throat irritations. We can see why as thi is slightly more minty than the Honey-Lemon. The menthol does help to clear the nose the moment you bite through the soft core. However, because it’s quite strong, it might be a little too strong for some to handle, despite it’s small size. Nonetheless, it’s great for days when the haze cause you nose to start itching.

The Ricola NATURAL RELIEF is priced at #3.75 (RRP) per box, and are currently available at all supermarkets, convenience stores and pharmacies. We’re probably going to stock a few boxes of these in the office as it looks like the PSI isn’t going to go down any time soon!