Ready… Set… BounceOFF!


by Zann Kua and Megha Bhattacharya

Did you know – a record-breaking race was held just a few days back on Saturday (12th March) at Sentosa?

With inflatable obstacles as tall as 8 metres and as long as 33 metres taking centre stage on the beaches of Sentosa, the race stretched for a whopping 3.2km! Just what race was it? Why it’s none other than BounceOFF!

Similar to their pasar malam counterparts, but much larger, it is no wonder that they snagged up the title for being Asia’s Largest Inflatable Obstacle Course and is also the Largest Inflatable Bouncer, according to the Singapore Book of Records. Spanning from Siloso beach to Tanjong beach, participants found themselves jumping, rolling, crawling and balancing their way to the finishing line through the 11 various inflatable obstacles at hourly intervals, each quirkily named such as ‘The Miley’, ‘Ball-sy’ and ‘Step Up’.

Starting at 9am, the event had several hourly waves to manage the crowd and saw a turnout of over 6,000 people, including over 200 beneficiaries from various non-profit organizations such as Singapore Children’s Society, Association for Persons with Special Needs (APSN), Children’s Aid Society and Singapore Association for the Deaf, who were also invited to join in the fun at both the race and the bazaar.

Apart from the race, for those who weren’t too keen on the race, similarly, they were also in for a treat with the BounceOFF! Bazaar. With 14 additional inflatable installations set up at Siloso beach, but not on such a grand scale such as race itself, the organizers made sure that no one was left out of the fun and even included a wide range of carnival games too.

The untimed (thankfully) run swung me right back into my childhood, and caught me reminiscing the days where I had the energy to bounce around the bouncy castles like an Energiser bunny. It was great to let loose and relive my childhood during my time there and if you ask me, it’s a “confirm plus chop” recipe for a fun day out in the sun like no other with your loved ones. I’m proud to say that I ran, I bounced, and I conquered!

In a nutshell, the event was a fun concept and set up, making it a fun outing on a weekend that would be great for anyone of any age. For more information about BounceOFF!, be sure to check out their facebook and hopefully, they will be back for another year!