Restaurants under $15, say what?!



You may think searching for a restaurant that serves mouth-watering food under $15 is difficult, especially with Singapore’s exorbitant cost of living but there are always hidden gems. As we’re feeling nice today, we’ve compiled a list of inexpensive restaurants for you to dine with your friends as a reward for surviving a long lecture.


Everything With Fries

The name says it all, so if you’re a huge fan of eating your western main course with fries, this is the place to visit. What’s so special about their fries is that you can choose from 5 different flavors ranging from original, curry, salt & vinegar, sour cream & onion and garlic & herbs. If you have a huge appetite, they also have a variety of desserts like ‘Nutella Tart with Ice Cream’ that you can pounce on.

AVERAGE PRICING: Savoury: $13.90 / Desserts: $9.90


Charlie & Co.

Founded by a Sydney chef, you can expect Charlie & Co.’s burgers to be tasty and juicy as their ingredients are imported from Australia. With that being said, this is not the kind of meat you’d get in a fast-food restaurant as they’re thicker, tender and even the buns are handmade. Be warned, the waiting time for your food may cause your stomach to grumble (loudly because of the aroma). Charlie & Co. is also known for their truffle fries, so don’t forget to try it too.

AVERAGE PRICING: Savoury: $15 / Fries: $6



When the owner said his only wish is to sell quality Western cuisine at reasonable prices, he wasn’t joking. At Astons, you can get a filling meal consisting of a main and two side dishes for less than $10 unless you’re aiming for something fancier like ‘Prime Sirloin’ or ‘Prime Ribeye’. As they have many outlets, you don’t have to worry about going out of your way just to get a delicious meal but obviously, it has a catch; the queuing line.

AVERAGE PRICING: Savoury: $8.90


Eighteen Chefs

Who says ex-convicts can’t be successful in life? Benny Se Teo is an ex-convict and he’s also the owner of Eighteen Chefs, which is famous for its Asian and Western main courses. Remember to opt for a drink and ice cream combo for $3.90 if you’re thinking of saving up. Just a heads up, the restaurant adopts a self-service system, where customers fill their orders on a paper and pay it at the counter so don’t just sit there hoping someone will serve you.




What do you get when you combine Japanese and Italian cuisine together? Saizeriya. For $6.90, you can get a plate of spaghetti/risotto, salad and free flow drinks (tea, coffee, soft drinks, you name it and they probably have it). If that combo is not enticing enough, then we don’t know what is. Maybe the chocolate ice cream that costs only $1.90? Do note that the set is only available during lunch hour (11am – 5pm) so you might want to rush after class.

AVERAGE PRICING: Savoury: $12 / Desserts: $1.90