Riding the Korean Wave

Learning from the Singapore Korean International School

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by Samantha Pereira

Successfully conquering all corners of the world, Korea’s multi-faceted culture has impacted many. From their catchy tunes and delectable barbecues to their chic fashion trends, everyone is looking to take a bite out of it.

However looking the part is just a fraction of immersing oneself in the culture. To better assimilate in this fast-growing social epidemic, choose the option of learning the language as not only will you learn about the culture in depth, you will be able to watch your favorite Korean dramas without the subtitles!

So if you’re unsure about where to go and head, hear it straight from the horse’s mouth, Felice Lee – a Singaporean that picked up the Korean language at the Singapore Korean International School because of her love for everything K-Pop.

What made you decide to pick up the Korean language?

I’ve been exposed to Korean television since I was a kid. It is also a bonding tool for my mom and I, as she is as infatuated with the culture as I am. Another catalyst as to why I picked up the language is because of my favourite 2PM member, Nichkhun. He’s Thai but he speaks the language so fluently, which assured me that I could pick up this language too!

Personally, I’ve also always loved the intonation of the language; it’s just music to my ears.

Where are you studying the Korean language, and how long is your course for?

I’ve been attending classes at the Singapore Korean International School for a year now. They have plenty of options to choose from, and I’ve picked to attend classes once a week.

Do your think the programme is intensive enough for you to grasp the Korean language? 

Yes, the teachers are helpful, and the curriculum is intensive and informative. The only issue I have is I wish I had more native Korean-speaking friends that I could practice my language skills on.

What are some of the interesting lessons/thoughts you’ve picked up from the Korean International School?

Plenty! But my favourite has to be the cultural event that the school organises at the end of every semester. As it’s the one day I understand the culture in all of its glory, because I get to learn about the various tourist attractions in Korea, try out some of their foods and try my hand at a few traditional games.

Would you recommend this programme to your friends/family? Why is that so?

Most definitely! The Singapore Korean International School continues to teach me the language in a fun and interactive way. And I have good teachers that are willing to help me with my revision too. So I’m definitely telling my friends and family about them.