Say it with Colours!

Students Create Artwork Instead of Reminders with Post-its

Written by Pam Chong, Photo courtesy of Orita Sinclair

Showcasing large, striking mural exhibits made entirely of Post-its, the Doodle Bar showed off the Orita Sinclair students’ works of art consisting solely of thousands of little pieces of paper.

 A collaboration including Orita Sinclair, Doodle Bar and 3M, the “Say it with Colours!” exhibition aims to declare Doodle’s wish to make a difference in the arts and design world by encouraging greater creativity and innovation.

Guided by Farizwan, also known as the SpeakCryptic, Illustration lecturer and Art Director of Orita Sinclair, the two large pieces of art, a clown and whale mural were made using over 7,000 pieces of Post-It®Super Sticky Notes each. Both represented the creator’s ideas on the theme “happiness.”

After five years of software developing, Trupti Dorge decided to turn to her true passion of graphic design. She says that her piece, a huge clown face, had been inspired by graffiti, street art and the Brazilian carnivals— making it a mural that celebrates colour and expressive possibilities.

For Cara Ng and Yvonne Chang, who teamed up to create a blue whale, subtle hues are used to express the magical, ethereal qualities of the legendary creature. The immense mural was based on a sketch by Yvonne, with the team working together to bring her drawing to life on a large scale. The idea for the whale came from Yvonne, who said that she likes whales and that they make her happy.

While admitting the task had been more arduous than expected, the three students spoke positively about the process. They cited issues such as the alignment of the Post-Its and colour choices of the sticky paper designs, but they managed to overcome their difficulties in the end.

Doodle Bar, a pasta noodle, and wine bar which currently houses the artwork, aims to become a hangout spot for youth. It comes off as a casual area, fit for the strenuous days of cramming before dreaded tests as well as a simple spot for fun and interaction. The best of all – the food. A splash of Singapore is in every bite—from the creamy coconut fill of their specialty Laksa Lips to the tingy tangy bits of One Night In Bangkok, a tom yam-pasta fusion delicacy.

The Doodle Bar is located at:
8 Sinaran Road, #02-01/02/03
Oasia Hotel

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