Scam Contest Letter


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Have you taken part in our “Scam Letter” competition yet? It’s not just a great way to exercise our ‘creative’ letter-writing, it’s an opportunity to highlight the fact that there are plenty of these out there. Here is one entry for our little unofficial contest – are you ready to make your own?

By Chaayen

Dear Ancestors,
I am your decendent, Abcdef Moda Lingawi. I come from 2000 years in the future. During my time travel mission, my time machine broke down and I am stuck here. I have frail, elderly parents to look after and an overly attached girlfriend to maintain. She will threaten to break up with me if I can’t reply her daily telepathic messages!

Fast forward 2000 years later, the human population will decline. I am going to be one of last few of our kind on Earth. It is vital I return home to breed some offsprings! Please help to bring me home!

My time travel machine is now being held in the lab by NASA for “experimentations”. Those people have no clue that they are screwing up humanity. I will breaking in the lab with the help of independent secret agents. However, they are charging me the primitive money form. Please assist me by transferring US$2000 in their account – Bank of NK 007-1314-521. We will all save the world together if we all chip in a bit.

In return, I will name my kids after each donor. Rest assured, I will breed wildly with my girlfriend. Additionally, I will be sure to build a monument commending your far-sightedness and generosity!
Thank you.

Abcdef Moda Lingawi

P.S E-mail is hard to grasp. Too bad telepathy doesn’t work here yet.


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