Scissor Sisters at Fort Canning

Sisters Battle Bali Belly For Crowd Pleasing Show


Story and photos by Clara Lock

Their pulsating beats and risque dance moves wow a 2,500 strong crowd, despite the band admitting to feeling under the weather.

It may have been a fairly tame account of a Scissor Sisters concert, perhaps due to the band coming down with an illness at their previous stop, Bali. The duo fronting the Sisters, the outrageously camp Jake Shears and the disarmingly candid Ana Matronic, made multiple references to it over the course of their one and a half hour gig last night.

“Six out of the eight of us were vomiting our brains out in the last 24 hours,” she told the crowd.

But it didn’t stop the band from delivering their deliciously flamboyant brand of disco-pop, which had the predominantly expatriate crowd bopping along, and belting out the lyrics to hits like ‘Laura’ and ‘Take Your Mama Out’.

Shears tore off his already-tattered getup piece by piece as the night wore on, eliciting screams from both men and women in the crowd, while the zipper on Matronic’s polka-dotted jumpsuit inched its way tantalisingly down her chest.

There is no denying that Shears and Matronic were born for the stage, their easy chemistry evident amidst hip thrusts and gyrations that sent fans into a frenzy.

And these fans wore their fervour on their sleeves – or skin, in this case.

“I do not recommend making that permanent,” Matronic quipped to a fan who had emblazoned the Scissor Sisters emblem on her chest in bright red body paint, “It might make it hard getting into places.”

For that fan, who had been one of the first in line for the gig, it was probably enough to have gotten in front of the Sisters on this fabulous night.